About Pro-4 Marketing

For 30 years, Pro- 4 Marketing’s President has brought high-quality and affordable products to the retail marketplace. It offers High Perceived Value, Magical Price Points, Increased Incremental Sales, and fresh faces through store doors.

Pro-4 Marketing promotes, sells, and delivers six products: Tactical Flashlight; Tactical Lantern; Tactical Survival Knife; Tactical Headlamp; Tactical Watch and Tactical Multi-Tool. Here are some quality assurances:

The grade of aluminum and quality of components are spec-ed by Pro-4 Marketing. From reflective gold aluminum bezels, to fluorescent on-off buttons and nylon wrist straps, even the circuitry meets specific tolerances. High-tech and expensive CNC machines manufacture product housings; well-trained and well-paid workers operate the machines.

A recognized third-party testing company monitors factory compliance; prevents and detects manufacturing problems; and ensures only satisfactory products are shipped. All functions are tested, including light output and battery life. Ten per cent of all products undergo hands-on quality testing.

Packaging is inspected for quality of manufacture and printing, inclusion of warranties, and product positioning. The factories are regularly inspected for cleanliness. Workers are properly paid, treated well, and all ICTI Standards are met. Pro-4 Marketing even chooses specific shipping containers, and arranges “First Port-of-Call” for better control over the timing of shipments.

Compared to competing national chain products, Pro-4 Marketing quality is higher; and at a much lower price, these products typically sell out within a week*. Here’s why…

Customers see advertising for comparable products at national chain stores for $19.99; they see Pro-4 Tactical Flashlights, Lanterns, Headlamps, and Survival Knives for a much lower price in-store; the stores sell units in multiples; customers tell friends and neighbors; and the stores become destinations for Pro-4 Tactical products!

Stores that sell Pro-4 Marketing merchandise can expect:

One year, ‘no-questions-asked’ warranties


Constant flow of new products to keep consumer interest high (Pro-4 Marketing Multi-Use Pliers coming soon)


Back-up inventory


An entire department of trained support staff pulls and ships sample packs within 24-hour notice.


Full graphic depart supporting our customers and sales representatives with new graphic designs on demand


Specialized, cutting-edge marketing displays, including: pallet pack, free-standing, self-liquidating, end cap, counter top, and more


EDI compatible with SPS commerce.

Pro-4 Marketing offers the best in-store promotions, great products, and guaranteed sales. The goal is 100% satisfied customers and retailers!