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Tell Us Your Story…Get a FREE Gift!

Give Pro-4 Marketing a Testimonial, Get a FREE Flashlight!

This promotion ended October 15th, 2018

Pro-4 Marketing appreciates your business.  To thank you in part for purchasing a Pro-4 Tactical Product, we’re giving you a chance to earn a FREE 300 Lumen Pro-4 Tactical LED Flashlight!

In the space provided, tell a story about how you’ve used your Pro-4 Tactical item. Maybe it’s a funny story; an emergency; or how everyone at work was “dazzled” by your new, incredibly bright light.

Terms and Conditions

Please include in your testimonial (minimum 20 words, maximum 200 words):

  • The item that was used
  • Why it was used
  • Where it was used
  • When it was used

Examples of an acceptable testimonial:

  1. Pro-4 Lantern was the perfect home saver when power went out, it kept us in light for 2 days.  Thankfully it came with Alkaline batteries since we were out of stock.
  2. Pro-4 Flashlight was the perfect road saver when our tire hit a pot hole and blew up, we needed a bright light to find the tire jack and changed the tire in the evening.  Had we not had the Pro-4 Flashlight we would have had to wait 4 hours for AAA road side assistance, we love the Pro-4 Flashlight and bought 3 more one for each car.
  3. I work in Maximum Security Prison as a prison guard, all the flashlights I have used in the past 2 years ON/OFF buttons break within 6 months of use, Not the Pro-4 it lasts.

Pro-4 Marketing will notify you by email after your submission. Must have and submit Proof of Purchase. One Item per household. Pro-4 will send one (1) Flashlight to your address within 3 weeks of submission. Limit one (1) Flashlight per customer address. Must be redeemed within 10 days of purchase.

Pro-4 Marketing reserves the sole right to determine compliance of submitted testimonials; and will not ship Free Merchandise for testimonials that do not comply.