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“I bought my Pro-4 Survival Watch a few weeks ago. I went camping last weekend with some friends. We ended up doing some off trail hiking, which we sometimes do. Well, while playing around in the forest, we managed to get lost and turned around, and to make matters worse, it was starting to get dark. Lucky for us, I had my new watch on and it had a compass. I used it to navigate through the woods and found the trail we came off of a couple hours earlier. By the time we found the trail, it was already dark. We were getting worried that we were going to spend all night in the woods in the dark. Really glad I decided to take it with me. Never know how bad you are going to need something til you don’t have it. From now on, I will always have it on me when I go hiking.”
Jacob G, Blue Springs, MO

“The Pro-4 Tactical Flashlight is a real livesaver. Last night, we were stranded in the middle of the lake at night in our boat that had broken down. I had the flashlight in the glovebox, and I didn’t buy batteries so thankfully it came with some. I used the SOS mode to catch the attention of a DNR boat on the other side of the lake! So thanks to the Pro-4 Tactical flashlight the DNR was able to come and tow us back in. Now I have bought two more for our cars.”
Brad C, Centerville, IA

“Bought this for my dad and brother. He uses it on the farm. It’s a big help seeing far away and checking on the animals. Most flashlights don’t let you see that far away. We can see across the road to the animals when we hear coyote over in that direction to make sure the cattle and horses are safe. I would definitely recommend this light to anyone. It’s small enough to take anywhere and is bright enough for anyone.”
Kami K, Rainelle, WV

“Hello!! I purchased the Pro-4 Tactical Lantern. I am impressed beyond words. This is the best portable light source I’ve purchased. Great for automotive work in hard to light places and helps keep shadows out. Great for checking on the pets at night in the backyard. Lantern brightens a large area and can be set aside so both hands are free. Very bright illumination with LED platform. Love it!”

Milton F, East Point, GA

“I think the Pro 4 Tactical Flashlight is great! I used it tonight to investigate a noise outside my home. The beam was able to penetrate through a very dark, rainy night. I am completely satisfied with the Pro 4!”

Anthony W, Cave City, KY

“During our recent blizzard 15″of snow- we lost power and had to find one of the horses that did not come in when called. The barn yard light illuminates our paddock normally. Our neighbor provided us with a tactical lantern and it provided enough light for us to see the horse caught in the fence line and rescue him without shining a flashlight in his face and perhaps causing a serious injury to his trapped leg, from him spooking away from the moving light. So we went out today Mar.3,2018 (the next day) and bought our own lantern!”

Don A, Sidney, NY

“Love my Pro-4 Power Tactical Flashlight. Bought it and immediately used it in my home to find some lost screws in tall carpet in my home’s hallway. Found the pieces immediately with the help of the Pro-4! I highly recommend this powerful, yet affordable flashlight.”

– Nate B, Evansville, IN

“I bought the Pro-4 lantern for camping. My father purchased one and I was very impressed with size of the lantern and the amount of light the lantern put off, we went camping for 4 days and used the lantern on the camp table to play games it did a very good job.”

Teague A, Rupert ID

“I purchased my Pro-4 Power tactical flashlight o March 18, 2018. Just like a kid, I wanted to show all the features to my wife. While sitting at the kitchen table I went thru the series. Not far in the distance was our daughter’s dog, ARO, he noticed the bright light and came to play with it. I shone it on the floor, then the wall and next the ceiling. He really had a good time chasing it. Just like a laser light, he found himself enthralled with the movements and I not only got a super fantastic tactical light, but a new toy as well.”

Charles S, Clearfield, PA

“My Pro-4 tactical flashlight came in handy after my trike broke down on the way home. I was able to use the flashlight to illuminate where I needed to see to make the necessary repairs and get back on the road. It was very bright and really helped to save me from having to call for a tow.”

Richard R, Rogers, OH

“I was walking my dog through the woods when a rabbit ran out of the brush. My dog took off after it, the leash is fairly long as he chased the rabbit the leash wrapped around some trees and started chocking my dog. If was not for the built in rope cutter who knows what might of happen. Thank you for designing this knife.”

James C, Hartland MI

“I bought the Survival Pocket Knife. I use the knife for work I work in the law enforcement field and the knife offers a lot of tools that can help make my job easier at an amazing price. I have used the knife a few times in the few days after it was pop purchased both at work and around the house. I am going to buy the multi tool next I am very satisfied with the quality of the Survival knife.”

Catherine H, Binghamton, NY

“One of my employees has started using your products on the job sites and has been raving about the quality and the price, so I decided to try one of your folding knives for myself. I have to say, the quality of the material, the balance of how it handles, the blade sharpness all are pluses in my book, & for the price, the wear & tear & even if it gets misplaced, it doesn’t break the bank to have to replace. Thanks for a good quality product at an affordable price. I’ll be buying more of these & looking into other products as well”

David J, Bainbridge, NY

I first purchased a flash light about a year ago while on vacation it worked really well on the beach after dark. I have used it continuously throughout the year, I then decided to buy the lantern, love how bright and how well it lights up the area around me.

– Ricky C, Danielle, WV

I have four of the pro-4 flashlights. I keep three stationed throughout the house for emergency but they are used for everything you could imagine. Purchased this flashlight to keep in my company vehicle. Love these lights.

Jerry C, Rainelle, WV

We purchased a Pro-4 Power tactical flashlight to keep in our car. We were at a hockey game in Nashville, TN. When we were ready to drive home, our car wouldn’t shift out of park.We called our mechanic. He explained how to manually shift, under the car, to get it home. The Pro-4 light was perfect for the job, under the car, in a dark parking structure.The print on our receipt is awfully faint. I hope the file shows the information clearly enough for you. I wasn’t able to darken it.

Tony T, Cave City, KY

In our area, due to storms, we didn’t have power. We used the Pro-4 lantern. It is a good, dependable light. Glad it also came with the batteries! Good to have on hand!

– Davida F, WV

We live in an area where the wildlife comes out to play at night driving my dogs crazy. Our other flashlights barely illuminated a foot in front of us, but last night the Pro-4 Flashlight lit up the entire backyard spotlighting a pesky raccoon searching for its supper. Concentrated the beam on it and watched it waddle away. A peaceful night’s sleep for both our dogs and us

– Sherri G, Cave City, KY

It was on 3/17/18 that I had to repair the ceiling in our dinning room and per usual it was a rainy day and the light was low but I had purchased the tactical lantern and it made it possible for me to complete the job with no problem. Thanks for a bright light

– Thomas H, Rainelle, WV

My Pro 4 flashlight was awesome . After a long night of going fishing on our pontoon the lights are going out on the upper deck it was wonderful Not only was we able to get everything up off the front deck and getting unloaded into another boat, we was able to be hands-free because it’s magnetic and its just kind of stuck to the side of the pontoon, we were able to get things on and off safely because the light was so bright it helped us from front to the back of the boat. again I thank you all around it’s just a awesome wonderful Lantern.

– Koda A, Cave City, KY

I used the Pro-4 Tactical flashlight several times this past week when we experienced minor power outages due to severe thunderstorms in our area. It was good to know I didn’t have to get up and fumble around in the dark because I had my flashlight nearby. Works great!

– Edward J, WV